Two Four Wheel Drive Trips, Arizona

November 28 and Dec 11, 2018

The trip in November was along the Salt River, where we were able to photograph several wild horses including a young one.  Then we went into the hills north of Saguaro Lake.


This is the confluence of the Salt and Verde Rivers, one of the water supplies for Phoenix.  There was a nice eddy of foam in the fore ground.


Saguaro Lake


We had quite a few opportunities to photograph back lit cactus.  The one below is a saguaro skeleton.


Click to see more photos on the blog website. 


The back lit cactus also make for stunning black and white photos.  These are mostly cholla cactus.  You do not want to get any of these on bare skin or even your clothes or shoes!

cholla backlitPCC Dec 2018

Sunset was great for once and but don’t forget to look behind or side of you as in the third photo.


The next few photos are from the second trip which was south of Superior in Telegraph Canyon for part of the time.  We also came across a real cowboy and his dogs near sunset.

dsc_5716two yuccas 5787dsc_5816dsc_5835dsc_5849

8 thoughts on “Two Four Wheel Drive Trips, Arizona

  1. Beautiful photo’s Charles. Do you ever submit your photos to any magazines? Thanks, Camille

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  2. Wow!!!! These pictures are gorgeous! The color in each one and the angle of how you take them is really cool. I especially like The pictures of the horses. I did not know there were wild horses up in that country.

  3. Charles – As always great shots. My favorites this time are the seventh (last one before B&Ws. Lot’s of color and great depth of field. Second favorite is the first one in Telegraph Canyon – something about the cholla in the foreground, almost eerie against the background.

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