Texas Blue Bonnets III

April 1 and 2, 2023

These photos are from the last two days. The first set of photos is from the Muleshoe Bend Recreation area where there were vast fields of solid blue bonnets. Many people were trampling the flowers to sit among them for photos (this is a “no-no”), but at least other people went into the same spots. We could drive through the many road-pathways.

This area is on the banks of the Colorado River of Texas, not “the Colorado River”. The fields were vast so they could accommodate all of the people that were there, and I was able to mostly avoid people in the photos.

See the person in red sitting in the flowers in the above photo.

On the way out, I saw these old trucks in someones yard.

The last day I had two places to visit. The first is an abandoned farm house a little north of Marble Falls. This was supposed to be one of the iconic photographic spots. But wouldn’t you know it, this was the first and only place on the whole trip where the blue bonnets had dried up.

Next are a couple of creative intrepretations of the scene. In the first, is the original, the second I added the bluebonnets into the foreground and added a sky and the third is a little more wild rendition.

The final photos are of an abandoned railroad track and bridge that I had found in my research. The bridge was about a quarter mile down the tracks.

On the way back I could have run into a potentially lethal problem. I had met a couple near the bridge and they started back. I was quite a ways back as I turned around. Eventually this couple seemed to be stopped in this one location. As I got closer they said stop right there we need to tell you something. They had found a rattle snake lying on one of the rails. They had been warned by the rattles and were able to pass by. They were good samaritans and waited to warn me of the danger so I could pass by safely. Can you imagine if I had not known and tried to pass about a foot away and gotten bitten? Joann was by herself in the van. Thank the Lord for some wonderful caring people!

7 thoughts on “Texas Blue Bonnets III

  1. Charles,
    Even rattlesnakes can appreciate beauty, right? My favorite this time is the one just before the rattler pictures. So MANY different textures coming together with a variety of colors and different shapes. Wonderful as always!

  2. So the rattler liked the cool iron railroad track? Could a train have run over the snake? Yes, if you would have gotten bit, what would Joann have done? You would have to take a shot of whiskey while someone bit into your leg to suck out the venum!



    Gary Vargo gsvargo@hotmail.com 814-434-9331 ________________________________

  3. I love all the blue bonnet pictures. In the Thrivent magazine there is an article about being part of Thrivent’s 2024 calendar. That is in the latest Thrivent magazine. You can submit entries. It says to go to thrivent.com/calendar, I really like the picture of the barn in the background in one set of pictures and the of wooden fence and the bluebonnets. I thought you might like to submit one. I don’t think the snake would hurt you unless you stepped on it. I little scary! Bev

  4. The photos are of course magnificent as usual UC! I’m glad that the close encounter with Western Diamondback Rattlesnake was just a photo op! Did you give it your card for a family portrait!

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