Oatman, AZ Rt. 66

January 31, 2019

We were trying out our new (2014) RV Roadtrek Van at Earl, CA, an RV Resort, across from Parker AZ.  We decided to take a trip north a little further to Oatman, AZ on old Rt. 66.  Oatman was started over 100 years ago as a mining camp.  In 1915 two miners struck a $10 million gold find and within a year the town swelled to 3,500.  The boom was short lived and by 1921 a fire burned many smaller shacks and the mine shut down.



Oatman was named in honor of Olive Oatman, who as a young girl was kidnapped when she was 14 by an American Indian tribe that massacred her parents and five siblings. Olive and her one other sister were kidnapped.  We have visited this site on our 4 wheel drive trips along the Gila River southwest of Phoenix.  You will have to click on the link to read the full story if you are interested.   Oatman Massacre


Oatman survived by being on Route 66.  It is hard to imagine the Model T’s and other older cars climbing the hills in this area.  In the 1960s Interstate 40 swung south from Kingman and by passed the area for flatter ground.  Today Oatman is an authentic western town tourist attraction with wild tame burros freely roaming the streets and being fed carrots by tourists.


The Oatman Hotel was built in 1902 and is the oldest structure in Mojave County.  The town was used in various movie sets.


Another claim to fame is that Clark Gable and Carol Lombard honeymooned in Room 15 at the Oatman Hotel on March 18, 1939.  Gable returned often to play poker with the locals and enjoy the desert solitude.


Please click the link to see more photos.

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6 thoughts on “Oatman, AZ Rt. 66

  1. Great pictures. We visited there years ago. I remember the Clark Gable Carol Lombard story. Thanks for sending them. We hope ou are both doing well. ❤️❤️

  2. Charles, thanks for sharing. I plan to take out of state visitors there next month. It is one of my favorite photographic places in Arizona. Bet you are enjoying your camper. We recently traded for a mini-van and enjoy traveling in it as Dorothy has a mobility scooter which fits into the van. I never wanted a van but I really do like it since it really fulfills our needs. Del

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  3. Charles, can you send me a photo of your van? Glad you had some good shots on this trip. How did Joann do on this trip? How long were you there?



    Gary Vargo


  4. Charles, thank you so much for sharing such an enjoyable narration with pictures on the history of Oatman. Reading about about the Oatman Massacre was extremely intriguing. Although I’ve never been to this part of the area, I would love taking a trip to visit.

  5. Hi Charles: I have been to Oatman several times when I work in Boulder City for the Bureau of Reclamation😊 Great photos. See you tomorrow. Love and Hugs, Camille

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  6. So sorry I missed this post back in February.  Just going thru some e-mails and saw it now.  That must have been a very interesting trip.  Those old west towns are so neat and full of history and adventure.  Glad to see you are still pursuing your love of travel and photography.  Your photos are always so beautiful and colorful.  Thanks again for sharing.  

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