Apache Trail in Arizona

Apache Trail  – January 13, 2016

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We headed out today on the Apache Trail into the Superstition Mountains to the east of Phoenix. On our four wheel drive trip we did not stop at Goldfield, but it is the entrance to the Apache Trail.  At the beginning of the trail, Goldfield was built after a gold strike in 1892 and thrived for 5 years until the mine flooded after hitting an aquifer. Roosevelt dam was constructed from 1905-1911 and created Roosevelt lake, which is shown in the last photos.  Materials for the dam had to be transported from Phoenix on the 40 mile road known as the Apache trail.  Down the Salt River a series of other dams were built which created Saguaro, Canyon and Apache Lakes. Our morning exploration was on the dam access road for Apache Lake.  We also explored another side road which took us to the top of a mountain overlooking Apache Lake – this is a great spot for lunch.  In the late afternoon on the return to the trail we were treated with a great stand of saguaros which were backlit by the sun, which gives them the “halo” effect.

3 thoughts on “Apache Trail in Arizona

  1. Nice photos, Charles. You did a nice job of taking advantage of the lighting. The ghostly Sahuaros really make a statement.

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Spectacular photos as always.   Looking forward to seeing you in March when we come for a visit.

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