The “Other” Sedona, AZ

Nov. 14, 2018

Today we approach Sedona from the south side starting on the Bill Gray road just a little north of Cottonwood. It takes a little while but we begin to see the red sandstone formations that are characteristic of the Red rocks of Sedona.


We stopped numerous times for photos.  Eventually as we got closer to Sedona, we found a pond with beautiful reflections.


Click for more photos like this one and of a Schnebly Hill view point.

PCC Dec 2018 NatureRed Rock Pond 3Red Rock Pond 2

As the afternoon was waning, we drove through Sedona and turned onto the famous Schnebly Hill road on the north side of Sedona.  This is one of the major Pink Jeep routes as well because it it very rough.  We stopped several places and observed  “sun dogs” because of the high cirrus clouds with ice crystals.  We finally reached the lower view point and then waited for sunset.


dsc_5130 (1)

dsc_5112dsc_5139PCC Dec 2018 Naturedsc_5190dsc_5208dsc_5220

4 thoughts on “The “Other” Sedona, AZ

  1. Outstanding again. Favorites are #3 – I can’t define it, but there’s something about the cascading of the cactus down the slope that’s intriguing. #8 has fantastically clear sky reflection and symmetry. Perfecto!

  2. Absolutely beautiful.  National Geographic quality for sure.  Glad you are able to continue with your passion of photography.  You truly have a talent there.

  3. Beautiful pictures. How is Joanne doing? We are going to Las Cruces New Mexico in January and February.

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