Western New York Foliage Part 3 Erie Canal

October 15

The Erie Canal was built across New York state from the Hudson River at Albany to Lake Erie at Buffalo (1817-1825). It opened up the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean and was the second longest canal (363 miles) in the world at that time. Many locks were built to raise the canal over 600 feet and they needed aqueducts to cross streams. Over the years there have been many rebuilds and improvements. You have to remember that this was before any railroads were built and transportion was either on water or on land using horses or walking. In 2000, it was declared the Erie Canalway Heritage Corridor and is now mostly used for recreational travel. If interested, here is a link to an extensive Wikipedia article. Erie Canal.

I grew up near Brockport, New York, only a few miles from the canal (above photos). My brother Ron took us on a few roads near the canal on the way to Spencerport. The scenery was spectacular at this time of the year.

The red leaves in a vine climbing the trees are poison oak, much like poison ivy which can give you a severe rash, but are a nice brilliant red color. The day was sunny but windy and hence only muted reflections.

There was a beautiful house across the canal with bright trees around it.

Click on the link below to see more views of the Erie Canal.

I like the brilliant red tree across the canal. Above are the poison oak vines up close. There are many bridges across the canal – some are high enough and others such as the one in Brockport are lift bridges and required some one to operate them.

I found a few good views near a bridge in Gasport, NY. in the last set of photos.

6 thoughts on “Western New York Foliage Part 3 Erie Canal

  1. Pretty pictures. I especially liked the third picture of the metal bench. We are amazed that Ron took you to so many places. It turned out to be a good time of year to take colorful pictures. 😁

  2. Charles: I hope you had a very wonderful Thanksgiving! Your travel pictures of New York Fall were marvelous with some very breathtaking views. I especially appreciated your “little history” on the Erie Canal. I’ve not been to that particular area of New York..mostly around the Finger Lakes. Stay safe and stay well.
    Camille Massey

  3. My favorite in this bunch is the first one. GREAT perspective with the horizontal walkway (depth of field) across the bridge coupled with the contrasting vertical of the tower by the canal.

  4. Great photos again! Thanks for the history on the canal. I’ve forgotten most of what I learned in high school history class. Where I grew up in Iowa, there was a similar canal to like our community of seven villages with water and power production for their woolen mill. It’s only like 160 years old and only like 20 miles long.

  5. As always, beautiful photography with vibrant colors. Fall is obviously one of the best seasons for photographers to show their talents. You sure captured, not only the beauty, but the history as well.

  6. Beautiful pics, Charlie. We just got your Christmas card…nice to hear about your visits in 2020. Say hello from Traci and me to Joann! The kids are doing well…Taylor and Wimberly are having a baby and Trevor just got engaged! Thinking of you, Justin

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