Heidelberg and Weinheim

Fri 12 – City tour of Heidelberg
Heidelberg, Frankfurt am Main

The last day was spent in Heidelberg with rain off and on, but mostly we were dry when we needed to be. Since we had been here two years ago, shipped the city walking tour and instead went up the funicular to the Heidelberg Castle which is in various stages of disrepair and renovation. We toured a pharmacy museum at the castle. Afternoon we had time to visit the old town.  For our last dinner, we went to the Gasthuas, Joste Undres in Weinheim.  This is a local place and not used to having an American bus tour, but it is the home of our bus driver Gerhardt.  This treated us royally and even had a local band come in to play music.

Photo Details
– 10:19 PM: Eerie scene in the early morning fog – 1.jpg [Map]
– 10:20 PM: Heidelberg Castle – 2.jpg [Map]
– 10:20 PM: No caption – 3.jpg [Map]
– 10:21 PM: Tower blown apart by gunpowder explosion – 4.jpg [Map]
– Pharmacy Museum – 5.jpg [Map]
– 10:23 PM: Holy Ghost Church – 6.jpg [Map]
– Holy Ghost Church – 7.jpg [Map]
No caption – 8.jpg [Map]
– 10:23 PM: Gasthaus Joste Undres, Weinsheim – 9.jpg [Map]

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