Western New York Fall Foliage Part 2

October 9-14, 2020

The first set of photos were taken near the Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge and traveling on Rt 77 toward Lockport, NY.

The following photos were taken during a ride with our niece Donna on some backroads near Glenwood and Springerville, NY.

The above three photos are from the property of Donna and Dave.

Please click below to see more photos from South Wales, NY.

The following photos are from Ron and Thelma’s house set back to the edge of the woods and on the corner of farmland. The building is Ron’s wood working shop. In the late afternoon, a family of deer came out to graze.

They have many feeders to attract lots of birds.

One other photo of a deer is in the backyard of Paul Joseph and Alicia in West Seneca, where we stayed for 6 nights. Thank you very much.

Then we were off to Brockport, NY to stay with brother Ron and Donna for a week. On the way we made a stop in Batavia for the last photos of this Part II. Next up will be the Erie Canal in Part III.

10 thoughts on “Western New York Fall Foliage Part 2

  1. I can only imagine the beauty of the vibrant colors against the bright blue skies must have been breathtaking. We always refer to those blue skies as Colorado skies. That is what they were like when we were there. Wisconsin only has limited days of those kinds of blue skies. We do, however, have the vibrant colors in fall.

  2. Again we say, “Absolutely Beautiful!”
    Thank you for sharing God’s beautiful nature and colors with us.
    We are very thankful that you and Joanne were able to travel to see And feel such beauty..

    We pray for you to have a joyous and happy Thanksgiving. Sending our love and hugs and prayers to each of you and your family.

  3. So nice to see color in pictures at this time of year, as we are in our winter mode of no leaves on the trees, drab, no color anywhere. We had a little white for about a half of a day, but it quickly disappeared. Yeah!!

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