Stoneman Lake, AZ

Oct 12, 2016

It was a glorious fall day in Arizona as we headed north up I-17 to the Stoneman Lake exit.  Stoneman Lake and no water in it because of the drought, but the fall colors of the oak trees were in abundance.  There is a community of summer homes on one end of the dry lake.  We found a wet spot with a few cattails  shedding their seeds into the wind.  We tried a few of the roads going south and found the V-Bar Ranch house, also know as the Apache Maid house.  It was still in relatively good repair and is a protected historical site.  In many places we found ponderosa pine and oak trees.  We also happened upon a pond with water which is great for reflection photos.

One thought on “Stoneman Lake, AZ

  1. Some more WOW pictures.  Those Maple leaves against the blue sky are beautiful.  Many of our trees here are already bare.  Not a good sign of what is to come.  Enjoy your temperatures while you can.  We are definitely in the Autumn mode.   Once again, thanks for sharing your talent. Susan

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