Athens to Corinth

Day 7 – Athens to Corinth

Athens, Corinth, Lavrion

Friday, October 31, 2014

Today is the first day of our regular tour. We had an early start leaving from our hotel, Davine Palace Acropolis, and headed to Corinth. Paul, the apostle, met Priscilla and Aquilla here and spent about a year and a half building up the church at Corinth. The first stop was at the canal across the isthmus which is about 280 ft deep all at sea level. Ancient Corinth at the time of the Romans was one of largest cities at that time. We saw the columns for the temple of Apollo that had been restored. In the agora or market place you can see the remains of shops and work places including one with an intact stone arch. The original Bema is still intact where St. Paul was brought before the Roman Gallio as told in Acts 18. It was quite inspiring. They have also found pieces of the marble road that goes from coast to coast. We also drove to the top of the Acropolis on high mountain used as a fortification. Most of the existing walls and buildings date to mid first century and. Were built by the Venetians. The it was on to the cruise ship.

Canal connects Aegean and Adriatic Sea
Columns from Apollo temple
Cisterns from spring and fountains
Marble road across isthmus
Bema where St. Paul preached
Acropolis at Corinth

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