Santorini to Athens

Day 6 – Santorini to Athens

Oia, Athens

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Our last day in Santorini was short one but with enough time to try one more sunrise. This one had the most color of the three, but the sun rise is actually hidden behind a mountain. The clouds still light up and shows some pinks. I walked further down the steep slope to see more of the villas which are actually called caves. This means that they are dug in the volcanic ash rock. Part of the roof forms the balcony above.

We then flew to Athens to meet our tour group on the bus ride in from the airport we saw some of the panoramic views of Athens. We saw the old Olympic stadium and our hotel is right near the base of the Acropolis.

Cave Villas
Photo 1
Photo 2
Sunlight in upper part of Oia
Photo 3
Old Olympic Stadium
Interesting pedestrian bridge
Photo 4
Lower Acropolis

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4 thoughts on “Santorini to Athens

  1. Beautiful. Nearly all the Santorini photos remind me of my past visit. I am sure you agree that it is a wonderfully beautiful place. Hope you enjoy Athens as much as I have on my previous trips. Thanks for sharing.

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