Oia, Kamari, Akrotiri

Day 4 – Oia, Kamari, Akrotiri

Oia, Kamari, Akrotiri

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The day started early for the sunrise, but It was pretty much obscured by clouds. I did get some patches of pink. Then we were in for quite an adventure as an Indian couple invited us to share a rental car with them. So we were off to Kamari black sand beach, but since it was the end of the season it was pretty much deserted and all of the shops were closed. We managed to find one cafe for coffee and beer. After that we ascended a mountain with at least 15 switch backs to go the the ancient city site of Thira ruins dating from 800BC. It was still quite climb on foot. After a lunch stop we continued to Akrotiri, the site of Minoan ruins that were coverd with ash from the 1500 BC volcanic eruption. These excavated ruins are completely covered by a roof. The most interesting remains were the large clay pots that were still intact. A short ride away we hired a boat for seven of us to see the red sand and white sand beach, and some sea caves. The rock colors ranged from very bright red/rust to green to white. We end the day at an old castle dating to the Venetians. A nearby church caught my eye on the way back to the car.

Sunrise at Oia
Photo 1
View from Thira
Ancient Thira 800BC
Akrotiri 1500 BC
Photo 2
Red sand beach
Photo 3
Photo 4

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4 thoughts on “Oia, Kamari, Akrotiri

  1. In spite of the clouds, you took some pretty amazing pictures. Sounds like a wonderful trip. Lots of history and the terrain looks pretty rough at times, much like Israel and Egypt. Praying for safe travel for you and your group.

  2. I just caught on to how to get pics, I had been clicking on map. Live and learn!
    Thanks for the pic of Paul’s poach. Joann, Your looking great,was that your walking stick handle I saw in the pic on ship. Love and blessings. Miss you. Roseland

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