Verde River and Fall Color in Hart Prairie

Oct. 13, 2014

Previous post on Germany was in error as I was testing an app to use on our upcoming Greece and Turkey Trip.

A couple weeks ago we did a four wheel drive trip to various places on the Verde River.  We found several places with small water falls (last four photos).  On Saturday we went to Flagstaff in search of fall color at Hart Prairie.  Found a couple of places but mostly ponderosa pine forests.  There are some groves of aspens on the slopes of the San Francisco Peaks.

5 thoughts on “Verde River and Fall Color in Hart Prairie

  1. Hi Charles,

    You have, once again, captured the most beautiful skies I have ever seen. We don’t see those kinds of skies here in the midwest very often, and when we do we just marvel over them.

    I envy your upcomng trip to Greece and Turkey. Sounds like a wonderful journey.


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