Monument Valley, AZ

Aug. 30-Sept 1

The Phoenix Camera Club sponsored a trip to Monument Valley over Labor Day Weekend.  We had three Navajo guides that took us to places in the Monument Valley where the ordinary tourist does not have access.  In late afternoon we found a location with many juniper trees with interesting trunks.  The before sunset we traveled to an area just west of the Totem poles.  At first it seemed that we would be shut out by the clouds, but the scene changed dramatically right before sunset.  After dark, we traveled to a spot that was south of the Totem poles.  With clearing skies, we did night photography and used light painting of the Totem Poles.

With only 4 hours sleep we were back to the same location as the previous evening by the Totem Poles for sunrise which was OK, but devoid of any clouds.  Next we traveled to a location north of the Totem poles for early morning light on the famed sand ripples with the Totem poles in the background.  Finally, we went to the Ear of the Wind arch where a Navajo woman in native custom on a white horse herded a few sheep back and forth in front of the arch.

Our outing in the late afternoon took us to Mystery Valley to Honeymoon  and Half moon arch, the Cow Pies, and finally to Tear drop arch.

5 thoughts on “Monument Valley, AZ

  1. Hi Charles,

    Sorry it took me so long to respond to this e-mail. Marlyss just left yesterday morning, so am trying to catch up with past e-mails.

    As always, fantastic photos of very beautiful country. Your travels sure have been colorful and beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing.


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