Ruby, Arizona

February 22,  Ruby – Authentic Ghost Town

The Phoenix Camera Club traveled to Ruby, AZ on a field trip. Ruby is on the National Register of Historic Places.  Ruby is 50 miles south west of Tucson and 4 miles north of the Mexican border and is reached by at least 12 miles of gravel road from Arivaca, AZ.  Gold was first discovered in 1870 and by the early 1900s was one of the largest towns in the area.  It was not until 1926 that full scale underground mining took place by the Eagle Picher Lead Company.  The mine produced lead, zinc, copper, gold, and silver.  The mine was active until 1940 and as many as 1200 people lived there with stores, post office, and school.  There are at least 20 buildings (some are adobe) still standing in various stages of renovation or decay.  The school, at one time in the 1930s, had 150 children.  I think the old slide beside the school is the most iconic image in the whole town.

3 thoughts on “Ruby, Arizona

  1. There sure are a lot of interesting places near you. And once again you have captured their beauty and ruggedness of the area. At one time I’m sure that was a booming town with lots of hussle and bussle. Great job!!



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