Birds of Florida

March 25 – April 1

The bird photos were taken at Homosassa Springs, Lakeland, and Venice Florida.  Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park emits millions of gallons of water at a constant 72 F.  Manatees congregate here in the winter.  The park has rescue wildlife native to Florida that can no longer survive on their own in the wild. (1st six photos)  A small lake in Lakeland is home to many birds including many white and black swans.  Their nests are protected. (photo 7and 8)  The final location is in Venice Area Audubon Society Rookery which is internationally known by bird photographers.  It is a small lake with an island that is home to several hundred birds in the spring with nests almost on top of each other.  I was there at the right time to see the baby birds.  I used a 70-300 mm Tamron lens with my Nikon 7100-24 mp.  Even with major cropping in some cases, the photos were quite sharp in my estimation.

3 thoughts on “Birds of Florida

  1. WOW, talk about a bird paradise.  You’ve captured it.  Beautiful.  You must have been in the right place at the right time every time.

    Thanks for sharing.



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