La Jolla Beach and Carlsbad Flowers part II

March 17-18

This is a continuation of the San Diego seashore trip. We are leaving our Campland RV Resort to go to La Jolla beach (pronounced La Hoya). We went north up the beach with the first stop at Neptune Beach, which provide some nice views and a short walk to the rocks below with good waves crashing in.

We continued along the beach roads to La Jolla Point area. As usual parking was hard to find, but I found a handicap spot near the south end of the walk way. Just as I was getting out the transport chair for Joann, I saw a parking meter patrol vehicle parked right behind me. I went to check that I was far enough off the road. He started to inform me that my handicap placard was out of date and that he could give me a $450 fine. I had to do some fast talking and explained that I had a permanent placard in my vehicle at home and that I just used this one in the van. He could see that I legitimately needed the parking spot and was nice enough to let me off the “hook” and said I could park there all day.

After that encounter we got up on the beach side walk and looked down to find very many seals with babies lying on the beach and brown pelicans. With my long lens I was able to get some good photos.

A little further up the beach there were brown pelicans and more seals.

These beaches did not smell all that great. When I finally got to La Jolla cove, the waves were not crashing as much as earlier in the morning, I was informed. But I liked the spray with the bird flying through.

We never did find a good lunch spot because of no parking, so we continued toward our next destination at Oceanside RV park for the night.

We spend all of the next day at the Carlsbad, CA Flower Fields. They have quite an operation growing Ranunculus flowers in nearly 50 acres of fields (for about 60 Years) on the side of a hill with many other flowers and retail nursery on the grounds.

Ranunculus grow from seeds or corms that resemble little claws. Large corms contain more stored food energy than small corms, and will give you a stronger plant with more flowers.

When we arrived they said to take the tractor wagon ride out into the fields – all handicap accessible.

They made one stop where we got off and I was able to push Joann on hard packed earth back to the starting pointing get some photos along the way.

A few more photos of different flowers are found on the Blog.

There were many flower bed displays on the edge of the flower fields.

10 thoughts on “La Jolla Beach and Carlsbad Flowers part II

  1. Beautiful flowers, Charles! I like the pelicans too.


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  2. Thank you for sending these beautiful photos Charlie!! They are absolutely breathing!!

    I love them all!!! Enjoy your trip! Tell Joann “hi!”


    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Great pictures. The flowers are beautiful. Kudos to you for being so adventurous. You truly are Doctor Click.❤️🥰💥


  5. Hi Charles! All of your pictures are gorgeous. I tried to leave a comment but somehow I did not succeed. I know you will be able to help me with that when we see you in a few days. That just sounds so crazy that we finally get to see you and Joann. We have our suitcases pretty much packed and can hardly believe the time is here. Ohio on Tuesday will be high of 45* so getting to Arizona will be great! So… on Friday, April 22 late afternoon we will be knocking on your door!!! Yay! I will keep you updated. 🥰🥰

    Sent from my iPhone


  6. I’m over the moon with your pelican shots! The crashing waves are gorgeous. That was so kind of the police to allow you to park there all day. It’s nice to know there are still positive people no matter where you are at the moment.

  7. Hey Charlie,
    Nice to see the San Diego photos. I especially
    liked the ones on the ocean. San Diego is one
    of the very few cities I enjoy visiting. Did
    you go to Blacks Beach? The entrance down the
    cliff face would be prohibitive, but there is
    an easier way in on the north end. I got a
    sun tan on my butt down there back in the day—
    it was a ‘clothing optional’ area back then.
    Hi to Joann!

  8. Hi Charles,

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures. I love ocean scenes and flowers.

    Hi to Joann. Have a blessed Easter.

    Love, Pat

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