San Diego Seashore and Flowers Part 1

March 13-19

We made a trip to the San Diego seashore (still a bit cool) and also hoped to find a few early flowers. We had one of the best RV Parks, at Campland on Mission Bay, which is just a little north of San Diego downtown. Our 22 foot Mercedes Van was a bit small compared to the large RV’s all around. The RV park was right on the bay beach and had many amenities including a marina. We have been to San Diego before and have seen quite a few other attractions, so this trip was to concentrate on some of the beaches.

The first day we followed the road to Point Loma and the lighthouse at the end of the road. On the way back we stopped for lunch in Ocean City after a long search for a place to park.

The next day we went to Balboa Park which has 6-8 different museums, the San Diego zoo, and contains various gardens. We were interested in the Japanese garden because the cherry trees were in full bloom. A lot of other people had the same idea and there were hordes of people there. First we encountered azaleas and wisteria.

The cherry trees were in full bloom so we were there at the right time.

As we went further into the garden it was evident that most of it was at the bottom of a ravine. As I pushed Joann down several switchbacks, I was contemplating how I would ever push her up the hill again. The scenes were very beautiful even with all of the people.

Well, we did make it up the hill again using a steeper series of switchbacks and had a nice lunch. Afterward we toured the Alcazar Real garden.

The next day we traveled to Coronado Island with the famous resort. In driving around I spotted a unique Victorian house, which I had to circle back to find a parking space so I could photograph it. The sky was less than ideal so I converted it to a creative photo for the Camera Club competition. Before and After.

Continue to the blog to find a unique fountain and the Imperial Beach Pier.

Just south of the Coronado, we found a nice parking lot with a walkway, a unique fountain, and quite a few Bird of Paradise flowers.

Further down the coast the road ends at Imperial Beach. I had envisioned going out on the pier, but the surface was rough planking and not suitable for Joann’s transport chair. After quite a search we had to pay $15 to park and have lunch before we headed back to the RV park.

11 thoughts on “San Diego Seashore and Flowers Part 1

  1. BEAUTIFUL, Charles! Reminds me looking over Newport Beach when I went with Janice a few weeks ago. So that’s a nice campground you were at! Was it OK taking care of Joann in a RV park? Everything goes well?


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  2. If I sent this to Janice, will she be able to see your trip info and photos?


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  3. Charles, thanks for sharing. I marvel at your ability to travel your wife as much as you have. You will never regret it, I speak from experience. As you probably know, my wife passed last year in Feb. from her M.S. As her caregiver, I pushed the wheelchair everywhere including the sites in San Diego you photographed. I am just now easing back into traveling. Going to Ireland next month. Take care.
    Del Krebs

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  4. Charles, I treasured the photo you took of both of you! You are looking very healthy! The pictures of the azaleas and cherry blossoms reminded me of living in the Bay Area. The picture of the statuary in the Japanese garden was very much like the one in S.F. Your creative photo of the Coronado was exceptional. You’ve still got the right touch! Camille

  5. Good Morning Joann & Charles: So happy you can share these trips with each other and the photos were beautifulšŸ˜šŸ™šŸ»šŸ¤—

  6. As always, your expertise with the camera shows through well. Beautiful colors that God created and YOU captured. Wonderful trips!!

  7. Nice trip and great capture of flowers. I wonder if our desert will have any this year.

    That’s an amazing transition of that house from light to dark!


  8. Thank you Charlie! Love all the pictures! All are beautifulā€¦especially the cherry trees!!

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