Fall Foliage – Bryce Canyon and North Rim Grand Canyon -part 3

Oct. 9-11

The photos will look better if you go to the blog by clicking on the blue title. This is my 100th Post!

Finally this morning we woke up to blue skies which should make for a nice day as we head to Bryce Canyon National Park via Route 12. About half way to Bryce is Red Canyon which provides an appropriate gateway.

We continue to Bryce Canyon and find that the first major view point, Sunset point, has a full parking lot so we continue to the next view point.

The views are so vast that I ended up taking a lot of photos, but after awhile they all look alike so I began to focus more on smaller details with my long lens.

The best view point was almost at the end of the drive and is called Natural Bridge. Luck would have it that there were several small trees with color. As Bryce proved to be almost devoid of aspens trees.

We headed to Fredonia, AZ for a RV park for the night. The next day will be the drive to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon which is still 80 miles away. Before you get to the North Rim Lodge, there is a turnoff for Point Imperial and Cape Royal. On the roads to these points there are many views of aspen trees making a comeback from forest fires quite a few years ago.

Imperial Point had some color along the edge of the canyon.

The road to Cape Royal had a number of pull outs. The most famous scenic is window rock.

The end of the road is the North Rim Lodge which is right on the edge of the canyon with a dining room the overlooks the canyon. The views were not very handicap accessible.

Click on more to see the end of the trip.

We stopped for a few more photos in the meadows as we drove back to Fredonia.

On the way home we took route 89A from Jacob Lake which gives views of the Vermilon Cliffs and finally the Colorado River from the old Marble Canyon Bridge.

7 thoughts on “Fall Foliage – Bryce Canyon and North Rim Grand Canyon -part 3

  1. It never ceases to amaze me how areas that have been burned seam to come back in time. The color is so inspiring and Fall must be the very best time for photography. Beautiful as always. So glad you and Joanne are able to take in the beauty of nature.

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