Trip to the Palouse in Washington State Part I

June 3, 4

We left Phoenix on May 31 for the trip north to the Palouse.  The first photo stop was Twin Falls, ID. “Twin Falls is a city in southern Idaho. It’s known as a gateway to Snake River Canyon, which lies just to the north. At the canyon’s eastern end, Shoshone Falls cascades over a broad series of rocks. Trails along the canyon rim lead to the towering Perrine Bridge, which offers panoramic views and is a popular launching point for BASE jumpers. At the town’s northern edge, Perrine Coulee Falls tumbles over a cliff. ― Google

In the morning stop there was a traffic jam to go down to Shoshone Falls as someone had fallen off the road and overturned.  Shoshone Falls is known as the “Niagara of the West” and is supposedly 45 ft taller, but I am not sure where they are making the measurements from.  You can decide for your self whether this is true from the photos.  I was lucky to see three jumpers come off the bridge!

These are a few photos taken along the way to the Palouse region. I liked how the morning light was just skimming the ridge lines in the black and white photo. The waterfall was at an RV park.

The main purpose of the trip was to photograph in the Palouse area with its rolling hills with wheat fields and also to find old barns, houses, granaries, and old machinery. The region covers about 19,000 square miles of the Palouse Prairie underlain by wind-blown sediment of the Palouse Loess that covers the surface. The origin of the name has various interpretations from the Indian tribe in the region to a French word applied by the first French trappers in the region.

“The Palouse is a distinct geographic region of the northwestern United States, encompassing parts of north central Idaho, southeastern Washington, and, by some definitions, parts of northeast Oregon. It is a major agricultural area, primarily producing wheat and legumes”. Wikipedia

The first stop in the Palouse was the famous Dahmen barn with the wagon wheel fence, which was slightly north of Uniontown on route 195. There are examples of every wheel immanageable.

Further up route 195, you can see a red barn and begin to see the rolling hills.

Please click on the link below to see more photos of the Palouse.

We drove down a very washboard gravel road for about 3 miles to get the next couple of photos. A lone tree with an old pump handle makes a good subject.

There are many old granary buildings around the country side and many new ones as well.

This old truck was in a perfect position just waiting to be photographed. The black and white is known as a high key development as it almost appears to be overexposed.

The last ones are of barns and a good landscape of the rolling hills.

11 thoughts on “Trip to the Palouse in Washington State Part I

  1. Great photos Dr Click,. We think of you both often. We just had a 60th anniversary party. We live in DePere Wi now close to Lambeau Field. We have an apartment. Your photos are beautiful and the story you tell is fun to read. We hope you both are well. We found a ELC Lutheran Church here and are just now having in person sermons. Dawn @ Keith Stump

  2. Love the pictures, Charles! We will have to visit several of these locations. One of my favorites that you took is the old truck.

    I look forward to the pictures that you post from the days we spent together. As you know, I enjoy seeing sights through other eyes.

    Thanks for sharing your results, Jean

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  3. Nice, Charles. Is Joann with you? How’s things going on a big trip like this?


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  4. Thank you, Charles, wonderful to read your story n comments n see your pics, your descriptions take the reader there. Hope you two are well, I’m enjoying summer.

  5. As always, I enjoyed your narration and beautiful pictures. Thank you for the geography lessons! Stay well and stay safe. Camille Massey

  6. Interesting and some pics remind us of when we were there a few years ago very well done! Ron and donna

  7. So beautiful and I was raised in the Twin Falls/Jerome area. Spent a lot of my growing up years during the summer around the Northern Idaho and Palouse area😍
    Happy to hear you are still traveling.
    Love & Hugs🤗😄

  8. Wowsers, Charles, as always … favorites are (1) the first barnyard/farmhouse shot with small cloud in sky for contrast and nice shades in the yard, (2) the flowing water shot – great movement capture, (3) the second wagon wheel shot – great perspective “feel” to it. My only disappointment is that I can quite make out your face in that shot of you parachuting down the gorge 😉 😉

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