Western New York Foliage Part 5

October 20, 23, 27:

This is the last foliage report from our October trip. We continued to have cloudy rainy weather, but decided since our trip was about over to try one more place. Mendon Ponds, a county park, southeast of Rochester, NY had brilliant leaf color, which was helped by the light rain that day. At first I concentrated on several closeups of the leaves with the trees providing interesting shapes. The road covered in wet leaves also drew my interest. The large pond itself had color all the way around it.

I liked the green moss on the tree trunk. The brilliant red trees seemed like they could not get any more red.

Please click the link below for more fantastic color. You do not want to miss the last set of photos as they are the best of trip.

More red, orange, and yellow trees.

My brother said we needed to see some deer to make the day complete and then there they were!

Above – where you could you not find a more perfect alignment of red leafed trees?

The last find was a smaller pond that had a perfect cutout from the cattails just for photographers to get a clear view with reflections. These were the some of the best reflections for the whole trip. …And the color did not disappoint. Look for rains drops in the pond.

On the way home we made a stop in Indiana at the Mansfield covered bridge in famous Brown county – home to many other covered bridges. I had planned to find a few more bridges, but after this stop we had heavy rainfall and no cell phone map coverage.

The final photo is what we encountered on the last day driving out of El Paso, Texas. After a 30 degree low temperature in our van with only a space heater, we encountered ice and snow on the interstate all the way through New Mexico up to the Arizona border on I-10. Can you believe it? Snow that far south is a rarity, but in October even more so.

7 thoughts on “Western New York Foliage Part 5

  1. Since I may never get to travel and see the country you and Joann have been too, I do enjoy seeing it through your Camera Lens😊
    Thank you, Camie

  2. I still think we had one of the most beautiful falls so glad you came this year so you could get the most beautiful pictures!! Well done!!

  3. Charles, I tried to post a reply while in your blog. I needed to enter three different data that didn’t work. I gave up and so here it is:

    Wow, you saved the best for last! Such great color. When I came to the last photo, I puzzled over the scene and wondered where out east that was from. Then I read the comment. I think I remember those days and wondered if your return would encounter that weather.


  4. Okay, this time it’s the one with the mill wheel in the foreground and the covered bridge in the background. Coupled with fall colors, the depth of field is wonderful.

  5. These are fantastic UC. I really loved the last one with the yellow tree off in the distance!

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