Sierra Nevadas Fall Color: Part 1

October 12-16

This year our fall foliage trip was to the Sierra Nevadas and Lake Tahoe in California. We loaded up the RV Van and headed out on Friday Oct 11 and made an overnight stop in Barstow, CA. The next day headed for US Route 395 which is on the eastern edge of the Sierras. We stayed 4 nights in Bishop, CA and made day trips from that location. My research had identified various creeks, lakes and canyons to visit.

Click to access FallColorMap2017_64fa9396-2e41-40a1-9341-d44f15c897d6.pdf

The first canyon was Bishop Creek Canyon. The first stop was this little lake that Joann could get out and enjoy also.

Look for the waterfall in the third photo above. We were quite far away from it. Click to see more photos.

The next series of photos is from Round Valley Road. These give a good example of the type of flowers found everywhere.

As we traveled north we next went up Rock Creek Canyon.

The next stop was McGee Creek Canyon.

The next couple of photos are from Convict Lake.

Finally to finish out this part of the trip we drove the June Lake Loop. Although there were four lakes they did not afford many views with the trees except tiny Gull Lake right in the town of June Lake.

7 thoughts on “Sierra Nevadas Fall Color: Part 1

  1. You’re a good guy, Charles! You’re gonna need to take me there one of these days as it looks beautiful. Some pro photographer once said Bishop has good night sky photography!



    Gary Vargo 814-434-9331


  2. Hi Charlie and Joann! Thank you! The photos are so beautiful!! Thank you for sending them! I hope all is well. Deb

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Charles: Thank you for sending such beautiful pictures of your trip. Virginia Lakes happens to be an old stomping ground for my many backpacking trips so I got so excited when I studied the map! It’s heartwarming to know you and Joanne are sharing and exploring all these pleasant, calming places. Jerry and I sure miss being out there with you on 4WD trips.


  4. Great pictures, Charles. To look at them is soo calming and makes me think about God’s great power to create beauty, even in a small 🍁 leaf. Thank you for taking time in your life to share such beauty.

    And for Joann’s opportunity to feel this beauty too, since she cannot see it. Love to you both, dearest friends.❤️❤️

    Sent from my iPhone


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