Joshua Tree National Park

April 4 and 7, 2019

Part 3: Joshua Tree National Park is in southeastern California and has a diverse landscape. The story is that the Mormons named the tree after a biblical prophet, Joshua with up raised arms. Joshua Trees are part of the Yucca family and grow in elevations from 2000 to 6000 feet. They are found in the Mojave Desert in California and Arizona. Closer to home in Arizona they grow in spots north of Wickenburg along Route 93 to Kingman.

Largest Joshua Tree that I saw.

On the southern border of the NP along I-10 there are no Joshua trees to be found. At the very low elevations the flowers were past peak, but increased in appearance as we headed north.

The above photos were taken soon after entering the National Park.

These are desert bells or canterbury bells. I had these growing in my front yard, although not as tall, 4-10 inches, as the first photo of 3 feet.

Please go to the blog to see more flower and Joshua Tree photos.


When you travel through Joshua Tree National Park from the south heading north and take the right fork in the road, this is the only Joshua tree that I saw near Twenty Nine Palms. As you can see we were here at the right time to see them in bloom.

On the way back to Phoenix, we traveled south through Joshua Tree NP again, this time taking the road we missed the first time. On the road leading to the park, we saw fields of a different type of flowers.

Finally, we saw lots of Joshua Trees.


4 thoughts on “Joshua Tree National Park

  1. Favorites- #16 (Joshua tree with offset boulder, final two with great depth of field and surface contrast, and Mexican poppy and Lupine. But it’s tough to choose because you’ve got some GREAT ones here.

  2. Certainly an array of beauty our Creator has provided for our pleasure. You’ve captured all the species, of which there are many, and proved that God provides.

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