Carrizzo Plain Rt. 58, CA

April 5, 2019 – CA State Route 58 in northern Carrizo Plain

Part 2 of the California wildflower trip. The Carrizo Plain maybe little known except to photographers and hikers as it is very remote with no services for miles. It is located about 40 miles west and slightly north of Bakersfield, CA. This is the third time that we have been there and also the most colorful of all. I approach from the north on Route 58 and is the location for most of the flower photos.

A preview for what is to come,

Above, we have fields of Owl’s Clover. I have never seen so much in one place. In Arizona, we may come across a few scattered plants. In this one section there were quite a few fields of pink on both sides of the road.

In this section, along steep winding roads, we came across fields of purple. The last photo is a up close look at the scorpion weed that makes up the purple colors. Mixed in is the small yellow flowered fiddle neck, which later we will see in muted fields of slight yellow color. Both types of flowers have a curled over part that is ready to open for more bloom, hence there names. In Arizona the scorpion weed is three times smaller in both flowers and height.

Now you are going to have to visit the blog to see the yellow covered hills.

As we make the final approach on Route 58 to the Carrizo Plain, the hills are covered with yellow Common Gold Field flowers that look like yellow daisies, but are really in the sunflower family.

The following are many views of the hills around the intersection of Seven Mile Road and Route 58. There are quite few views with the pink.violet of the scorpion weed which I have never seen in this location before. We never went to Soda Lake Road or Elkhorn Road as these are gravel roads and I did not want to take my van on them. I have been on Soda Lake Road in the valley before which is 30 miles of gravel road. So if you have the time and the right vehicle there is a lot more to explore.

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  1. Beautiful flowers. I hope all is well with both of you. ❤️❤️

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