Hot Air Balloon Glow

October 27-28  Salt River Fields Scottsdale, AZ

This was the 2nd annual Spooktacular Balloon Glow.  Everyone could attend in Halloween costumes, or not.  The kids would go “trick or treat” to each balloon.  An event such as this provides a lot of photo opportunities and they let you get as close as you want.  Sometimes when they are in final stages of filling with the balloon with hot air from the gas burners, you can really feel the heat and noise from the blast.  It was also very interesting to see the different shapes of some of the balloons.  If you are really interested, you should put the balloon launch at Albuquerque, NM around Columbus Day on your bucket list.  They launch 500-700 balloons all at once several days in a row.

DSC_3574Hot Air Balloon 3648DSC_3590DSC_3670DSC_3721DSC_3764DSC_3780DSC_3785P1060720P1060757



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