Balanced Rock, Arizona

Janaury 11. 2017

Our four wheel drive today started from Table Mesa Road on the I-17 in Arizona and the destination was a balanced rock that one of the guys had seen about 10 years previously.  This was a very rough road trip with several stream crossings into the Bradshaw Mountains.  We actually found several places with running water, Agua Fria River and Cottonwood Creek, as we have had a few winter rains.  We finally found the balanced rock 15-20 miles from our starting point.  The sight of this rock is truly amazing since it is balanced on a rock cliff with no other comparable rocks near by.  We have no idea how it got there or why it might still be standing in isolation.  The way out was just as rough, but we found a little time for some sunset photos.

Click a photo for a large version in slide show format.

One thought on “Balanced Rock, Arizona

  1. BAlanced Rock pictures! Great pictures. Thats what I was thinking about when I saw you recently at MV, couldn’t think of the name then but knew I had saved them on my home computer.

    Enjoyed seeing you n JoAnn.

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