Death Valley California

Death Valley Flowers – February 16, 2016

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This year in Death Valley, California they are having what is known as a Super Bloom.  Three inches of rain in October, as a result of El Nino, have really brought out very many flowers for the first time since 2005.  We were there for a couple of days in February.  The bloom has continued well into March.
In Death Valley you can find the extremes in climate from minus 282 feet below sea level (summer temperatures of 120 F) to 11,000 foot snow capped mountains.  The land area is as large as the state of Delaware.  The landscape varies from colorful sandstone rocks to volcanic rock to salt flats to sand dunes.  We also saw the remains of the Harmony Borax Works (1883-1888) made famous by the 20 mule team borax wagon train to transport the borax to the nearest railroad – a trip of 160 miles round trip in 30 days.  Click any photos to see them larger.


2 thoughts on “Death Valley California

  1. Your photos are good enough to be in the National Geographic Magazine.  Very beautiful and an interesting area.   Looking forward to see you and Joann this weekend at your church. Susan

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