Phoenix Herpetological Society Photo Workshop

November 7, 2015

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The Phoenix Herpetological Society is an organization established to provide a sanctuary for reptiles.  It is currently home to over 1,700 animals.  The Society works with Arizona Game and Fish, animal control departments, and law enforcement to rescue various animals that were pets or had been obtained illegally. The animals are rehabilitated and some are adopted. The Society has various educational programs that are open to the public by special arrangements.  Here is a link to the Phoenix Herpetological Society.

About 15 photographers attended a workshop led by Susan Schmitz and Everardo Keeme, Founders & Co-Owners, Photo Fusion Studio.  The Herpetological Society provided the staff to handle the animals.  We were allowed to go into the enclosures with the crocodiles and alligators.  For the snakes and other animals they provided tables that were set to provide a natural backdrop for photography.  We were only 5-10 feet aways from some very venomous snakes.

Many thanks to the staff and Susan for an exciting day.

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