Hassayampa River

February 25, 2015

Our 4 wheel drive trip took us to an area south of Morristown, which was fairly typical of low desert terrain. We drove through the dry river bed.  We did find a few poppy flowers along the way.  Next we went through Wickenburg and turned north on Rincon road.  This took us onto the Hassayampa River, which is normally dry, but this time had flowing water from recent rains.  We stopped at Box Canyon which is a very steep cut in the rocks, some of which are smoothed from the occasional fast water flows.  We continued up river to the Narrows section where the river is flowing on top of bedrock.  The water was 3-7 inches deep from the recent rain.  Normally, the 100 mile river flows underground with the exception of a few places such as this one where it is above ground year around.  The river provided interesting views on the way back with the sun getting lower.  Finally we made a difficult climb to the Mistake mine about 1500 feet above the river.

More photos on my new website: ophardtphotos.com


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