Monument Valley, Arizona Pt. I

Aug. 30-Sept. 2

We travelled to Monument Valley as a field trip with the Phoenix Camera Club.  This beautiful place is on the Navajo Indian Reservation on the Arizona and Utah border.  Many early western movies were shot on location here as was the recent movie, “Lone Ranger”.  The first photo is the road from the east approaching Monument Valley and is in a scene from the movie “Forest Gump”, where he decides to quite running.  Next two taken from the View Hotel in the afternoon.  Two photos are from the sand dunes in the area of the Totem Poles.  We were taken here by Indian guides hoping to get sunset shots with the rippled sand in the fore ground, but it had rained recently and the clouds obscured the sunset.  The rest of the photos were taken the next morning at sunrise on our self guided tour of the 17 mile loop road.


6 thoughts on “Monument Valley, Arizona Pt. I

  1. Beautiful pictures, as always. They look like postcards. There is more color in Arizona than one from the Midwest would expect. It’s not all desert as is usually depicted. Arizona must be a photographers dream world, and you capture it well. Thanks for sharing.



  2. Charles: What lovely pictures. I enjoyed all of them although I must say the one with the sunburst and the one with the reflection struck me as my favorites. Thanks for sending.

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