Young, Arizona and McFadden Mountain

July 24, 2013

Our recent 4 wheel drive trip took us to Payson, AZ and then to Woods Canyon Lake on the Mogollon Rim.  From there we backtracked a bit and started south towards Young, AZ.  The day was beautiful with clouds caused by the monsoon season in Arizona.  We did get some rain at one point and saw rainclouds in the distance many times.  In Young we stopped at the cemetery to look for graves from the Pleasant Valley range wars of the late 1800s. For the late afternoon and sunset, we were at the Forest Service lookout tower on McFadden Mountain with 360 degree views at 7100 feet, and a cool 65 degrees as opposed to 105 in Phoenix.  The sky and sunset were breathtaking.

3 thoughts on “Young, Arizona and McFadden Mountain

  1. Hi Chuck,

    As always, beautiful photography. I can certainly understand why you would travel to enjoy 65 degrees rather than 105. Obviously there are many interesting areas in Arizona and you and Joanne have experienced lots of history.

    Thanks for sharing.



  2. Nice pics! Interesting how many variations of photos there can be from the same time and place. These photos give one the impression that it never rained on us. You needed to present one of the loud bolts of lightning that we saw and heard during the rain while we were eating. 🙂

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