Tombstone, AZ and other Ghost Towns

April 23, 2013 – We traveled to Tombstone and surrounding ghost towns.  Tombstone was thriving when the silver mines were in full production.  The most famous event in Tombstone history is the known as the “Gunfight at the O.K. Corral” on Oct. 26, 1881 between the Earp brothers, Doc Holiday and the Clanton cowboy gang.  We saw a reenactment of the fight in almost the same location as the original fight took place.  The town has many other venues with gunfights and museums, but be sure to bring your wallet as everything has a good price tag.  Ten miles west of Tombstone on Route 82 is Fairbank, a source of water for smelting operations.  Several buildings including the school are preserved.  East of town is Gleeson with a few buildings, foundations, and the jail preserved.  Going north from Gleeson, you will come to Courtland which has a few crumbling buildings.  Finally, Pearce is still a functioning town with a few stores.


2 thoughts on “Tombstone, AZ and other Ghost Towns

  1. Thanks Chuck. Have always found these ghost towns very interesting. Great photography, as always. Don’t think there are many places you can go to without taking your wallet. Everyone has learned how to cash in on the tourist sites.



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