Older Buildings in San Antonio and Galveston

April 3-8: We visited the Missions in San Antonio – Alamo, Concepcion, and San Juan.  One day we stopped in Smithville, TX for lunch on the way to Houston.  A day trip from Houston to Galveston resulted in a nice lunch at a seafood restaurant by the Gulf.  After a little shopping on Strand street, we drove and walked up and down about a 7 x 7 block area on the east side of downtown.  There are many restored Victorian houses which were a delight to see and photograph.  Finally, I took the boys to Bravos State Park where we walked around a 1.5 mile lake where we saw a total of nine alligators – some quite near the path.  The final photo is a reflection in a pond after sunset.

4 thoughts on “Older Buildings in San Antonio and Galveston

  1. Chuck,

    As always, beautiful photos. And congratulations on winning first place in the Phoenix Photo club.



    • Thanks, Susan, Hows the weather out your way, either snow or rain take your pick. We could use some of that here. It is not quite May and we are heading for our first 100 degree day this week. Charles

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