Spring Flowers from Texas

April 1-4: San Antonio – Texas is known for Blue Bonnets, otherwise known as lupines.  We found many along the roadsides of Interstate 10 west of San Antonio, I- 35 north toward Austin, around Smithville and Brenham, Rt. 290 on the way to Houston.  We also found verbena, indian paint brush, primrose, and a few others I could not identify.

8 thoughts on “Spring Flowers from Texas

  1. I love the flower photos. I never knew that the Texas Bluebonnets were Lupine. we will have lot of lupine if spring ever gets here. I wish you could have labeled the flowers for those of us who like to learn. Keep shooting, Jim Hagen

    • Hi Jim, The first photo is blue bonnets with indian paint brush, the red. Second is a field of blue bonnets. The third photo is purple verbena – you can find (in nurseries) and grow that here in AZ. Fourth is I do not know. Fifth is primrose – that grows around here also. 6th is paint brush close up. 7th blue bonnets. 8th is probably in the daisy family. 9th is blue bonnets with donkeys that came out to investigate what I was doing – great to have them in the photo. Hope you are starting to warm up as we are reading for our first 100 degree day.


  2. I think your flower shots outdo what we captured at Four Peaks. Nice pictures! Love the color!


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