Snow In the Superstitions and Four Peaks

Feb. 28, Thursday

We have been having crazy weather in the Valley of the Sun, Phoenix, AZ this past two months.  In late January we had 4 straight days of rain, totaling up to 2 inches.  On Wednesday we had snow in northeastern Phoenix, Scottsdale, Cave Creek (actually no measurable amount at Sky Harbor Airport).  This was the first time for snow in Phoenix since 1998.  Since we live a bit south of Phoenix, we had only rain.  On Thursday morning I made a trip to the Superstition Mountains on the east side of Phoenix, which were still covered with snow.  I managed to get a couple of shots of snow/ice on the Cholla cactus.  I drove to the view point on the Apache Trail for shots of the Four Peaks area mountains.

5 thoughts on “Snow In the Superstitions and Four Peaks

  1. Beautiful pictures. It’s hard for Wisconsinites to use the words Arizona and snow in the same sentence. That is definitely an oxymoron for us.

    Thanks for sharing the beauty of your state.



    • Yes, Susan, the people here on not to happy that it has been cool (50 and 60s), especially the out of towners. Up north in Flagstaff and Payson they got quite a bit of snow. We depend on that to fill up the lakes for our water supply.


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