Copper Creek Road, Arizona

Wednesday, Jan. 9, 2013
Today we took a Four Wheel Drive trip with three vehicles to an area south of Superior, AZ.  We were on state route 77 and stopped for a quick look at the Ray copper mine, which is an unbelievable sight.  The mine is an open pit about 1.5 miles long.  We passed the smelter at Hayden and a  little south of Dudleyville,  we turned on to Araviapa Road and canyon for our first adventure.  There was water in the creek and some of the cottonwoods still had yellow leaves so this made for a special sight.  On the return trip we met a local women resident that invited us on to her property and showed us around for some great photos.  We continued further south on rt. 77 to Mammoth where we turned east on Copper Creek road.  We were in search of some old mines in the Bunker Hill Mining District, specifically the Copper Creek mine and townsite, 1910-17.  We found evidence of more recent mining in one place, a few foundations, and only one other old mine structure and bridge.  As we tried to find another route out, we came to a padlocked gate so we had to return the way that we came and it was dark be fore we found our way back. We then drove to a Mexican restaurant in Catalina, before making our way home by 11:00 PM.

2 thoughts on “Copper Creek Road, Arizona

  1. Wow, talk about God’s country. Those pictures were gorgeous. The color was spectacular. Thanks for sharing.



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