Heidelberg Castle, Heidelberg, Germany

Heidelberg Castle, Germany

The first castle was built before 1214 AD with an additional castle by 1294. The castle has been plagued by the destructive force of a lightning bolt in 1537 and after a rebuilding in 1650, it was struck again twice in 1764.  April 25, 1518, Luther defended his teachings at the lecture hall of the Augustianian Order and later visited the castle.  Starting in 1401 through 1650, the castle was built to its present dimensions.  During the 30 Years War, a peasant uprising, the castle was attacked and changed hands several times.  During the Nine Years War, in 1688 the French captured the castle.  In 1689, they set fire to the castle and blow the front off the Fat Tower containing the gunpowder, which still is visible today.  Since the 1800s, restorations are ongoing in the castle. An Apotheken Museum or Pharmacy Museum is housed in one part of the castle.

One thought on “Heidelberg Castle, Heidelberg, Germany

  1. Beautiful photography Chuck. You sure know your way around a camera. Appreciate the narrative also. I have forgotten much of what we were told on the trip. This is a nice mind jogger.

    Thanks, Susan


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