Trip Across Mid-America part 2

September 7-13, 2021

The photos will look best if you go to the blog rather than view them in an email, as they get cropped.

On September 7 we started on the trip for home with a first day stop in Pennsylvania along I-79. The main stop of the day was at McConnell’s Mill state park Portersville, PA. The park with the grist mill is about 40 miles north of Pittsburgh, via I-79. I had a difficult time finding it as the gps address did not work correctly and the signage was bad, showing up only after turning around a few times. Once I got there it was about a fourth of a mile walk down a relatively steep road (the walk back up about did me in). The mill was built in 1852, destroyed by fire in 1868 and rebuilt. Thomas McConnell bought it in 1875 and replaced the water wheel with turbines and the grindstones with a rolling mill, one of the first in the country. The covered bridge was built in 1875.

The next day we went to Glade Creek Grist Mill in Babcock State Park in West Virginia near Fayetteville. This time we were right in time for breakfast in the van right beside the grist mill. This mill is a recreation from parts of several mills in the area and built in 1976. This is one of the most photographed mills in the state and I only wish that I could be here for the fall foliage. This was the breakfast view which was close enough for Joann to get a good look as we walked all around.

My photographic technique for most of the photos was to use a tripod and bracket three exposures from very dark to very light at a slow shutter speed to make the “silky water look” in the waterfalls. A program then combined the three exposures to get the best exposure from each. In some cases, the white of the waterfalls was still over exposed. In some cases the darkest exposure was the best and I was able to brighten the dark areas without affecting the white waterfalls using a single exposure.

The next two photos are from the iPhone, which does all of the processing of several exposures in the blink of an eye.

A couple more waterfalls in the creek.

We travelled across Kentucky and Missouri, and stopped at a roadside display of old cars.

Please click below to see more old cars and the Frank Lloyd Wright Price Tower in Bartlesville, Oklahoma

There was a roadside museum of sorts just up the road from Bartlesville.

This is a comparison of the original photo and my creative rendition for the camera club that got a second place.

The Frank Lloyd Wright tower is 19 stories that he built in 1956 in Bartlesville, OK, north of Tulsa. It was commissioned by Harold Price the owner of the H.C. Price Oil Company. Wright called the design built on the Oklahoma Prairie as “the tree that escaped the crowed forest”. It has four elevator shaft anchors to which the cantilevered floors are attached like branches on a tree. The outer walls are clad in copper leaves. It originally served as an office building, shops, and apartments. Today it is a hotel and restaurant. When we first drove to Arizona 14 years ago we stopped for lunch in the restaurant on the 15th floor. I was there early in the morning and heard a choir practicing for a September 11 commemoration.

At Russell’s Travel Center on I-40 there is a car museum that also features Marilyn Monroe Photos.

In Santa Rosa, NM we stopped at a Route 66 Car Museum.

7 thoughts on “Trip Across Mid-America part 2

  1. Charles, I’m absolutely crazy over your grist mill pictures! Well done. They reminded me of when I lived near Chagrin Falls, Ohio, where there were many scenes like this. One couple I once knew in the area lived in a mill that was modernized into a home. It still had the wheel and the stream, but the mill was no longer in operation.

  2. Hi Joann & Charles: Sounds and looks like you had a wonderful time on your trip and the pictures were beautiful😍 I went to Idaho for a Family Reunion and the following weekend was my 60th Class Reunion. Had a great time and the Saturday BBQ was at a closed Car Dealership which my classmate Allen purchased to restore and show his classic car collection—mostly cars from the 50’s but restored beautifully. Hope to you sometime soon.🤗🙏🏻😍

  3. Sure are some spectacular waterfalls.  The pictures you took with your I phone put mine to shame.  I have an android and I never get such clarity like you did.  Must be operator error.  Steve sure would have enjoyed the old cars in Kentucky and Missouri.  He goes to car shows frequently and enjoys the memories they bring back. So glad that you and Joann are able to witness the beauty of this fine country of ours.  Hope it lasts for many years to come.  Sometimes I have my doubts. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos. Sue

  4. Thank you Charlie! Always enjoy your beautiful photos! It was wonderful to see you and Joann!🥰

    Sent from my iPhone


  5. Great pictures Charles! You have become quite an excellent photographer With the use of different techniques. No matter how the exposures turn out, it is always fun and interesting to see which pictures you choose to photograph.
    I especially like the waterfall pictures and Anything of Nature. God has given you the gift of being able to take such beautiful pictures! Thank you! 🤗

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