The Palouse and Spokane Washington Part IV

June 6-8

The last day that we spent in the Palouse was near Oakesdale where I met Cousin Jean. We found a few places along country gravel roads with no traffic which was perfect for unhindered photography for both of us. We found two old farm houses which was a change from all barns so far.

The second old house was set up on a hill and we were able to walk around in the yard. I found it interesting that there was still an old yellow flower bush right next to the house.

We then started to drive to Spokane to Jean’s home with a couple more stops along the way. Jean knew of an interesting old bridge and gas station in the town of Rosalia.

Spokane has many waterfalls throughout the downtown area with nice foot bridges to get over the water.

On the second day we visited Manito Park (since it was early in the season, the flowers were not well developed) and Riverside Bowl and Pitcher Park.

Please click and go to the blog for these photos and the final photos of the Palouse Falls.

Bowl and Pitcher Park.

About 70 miles southwest of Spokane is the Palouse Falls. The main water fall is about 200 feet high and has an upper falls of 20 feet which I did not see. The walls are a type of basalt rock from ancient lava flows and carved out by great floods long ago.

3 thoughts on “The Palouse and Spokane Washington Part IV

  1. Hi Charles: My brother and some other relatives lived in Spokane and surrounding area so your pictures brought back a lot of nice memories😍🙏🏻

  2. Nice photos. Ever since the Palouse was made aware to me in the camera clubs, I’ve wanted to return to the area and see it for myself. But I think our travel days will be much less as we age. Sigh.


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