Backroad to Mount Lemmon, AZ

September 25, 2019

Today we escape the heat in Phoenix and head for Mount Lemmon at 9,157 feet, which is near Tucson, AZ. Mount Lemmon has the most southern ski resort in the United States…. and you thought Arizona was only desert and very hot!!

Before we make the ascent, we travel a route down a wash near Oracle that contained steep sides made from a sandstone conglomerate rock that had many large stones imbedded. This shows the violent surge of water long in the past in the formation of this type of rock

As we moved down the wash, some of the sides were covered in lichens.

We are are now on the road up to Mount Lemmon. As we got higher it was cool enough for jackets! We found quite a few look out points. We also saw about 8-10 deer crossing the road at various times.

At the top is a small village of Sommerhaven with cabins and houses for people that want to cool off in the summer. On the way down we took the paved highway that ends in Tucson. We had a nice sunset with various clouds and colors.

6 thoughts on “Backroad to Mount Lemmon, AZ

  1. Great pictures! We viewed the Mt. Lemmon pics and the June pictures. As always you have a great way to find the perfect spot to snap that camera button for the photo. You have captured a lot of the scenery we have seen throughout the years of our travels (Mount Lemmon, Mount Rushmore, Badlands, Colorado, the buffalo, etc.) but we have forgotten how beautiful all these sights were.
    So thank you for sharing and helping us to reminisce!

  2. Thanks Charles

    I am glad you can go on the jeep trips again.

    I look forward to being with you.

    I need help on the map app

    See you soon, I hope.


  3. I love seeing your pictures. We hope all is well with you and your family. 🥰👍

    Get Outlook for iOS

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