Cloud Old Car Museum

April 20, 2018

On an overnight trip to Yuma, AZ, we visited the Cloud Museum right over the border in Bard, CA.  The museum is owned and operated by Johnny Cloud since 1989 and is open only in the winter or by appointment in the summer.  Mr. Cloud has cornered the Southwest market on Model T Ford’s with well over 150 in the collection in various stages of rusting.  There are tractors, farm implements, tools, and household items in the collection.  News article on history of the Cloud’s.


A really cool feature is that he has cars displayed above the fence, old windmills, Texaco signs, and gas pumps.


To see more of the cars click on the link.  Also be sure to check out the latest Competitions.

DSC_1054DSC_0976DSC_0956DSC_0951DSC_0945DSC_0981DSC_0986o,Through the WindowDSC_1047DSC_1034


Many more cars in a large barn.


c.Used Car Lot

Creative with a texture added.

4 thoughts on “Cloud Old Car Museum

    • Fun to see . Your photography is great as always. We are in South Dakota watching our grandson play college baseball in division Two playoffs.

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