Watson Lake

July 27, 2016  Watson Lake near Prescott, AZ.

The Phoenix Camera Club had a field trip to Watson Lake near Prescott, Arizona.  This small lake is in an area where many granite boulders are located.  The area supports a good recreation and camping area, where many people enjoy kayaking and fishing on the lake.  It is also a nice area for photography.  We went to the lake in hopes that monsoon clouds and storms might be present and nature did not disappoint.  We did not have any storms close by, but saw two separate storms in the distance.  The final clouds were majestic and colorful right at sunset.

7 thoughts on “Watson Lake

  1. Beautiful pictures . Keith is having radiation at the Mayo Clinic satellite in Eau Claire Wisconsin . It is going very well .

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  2. Nice shots of the lake, Charles.

    But, wow, I see the water line is way low. Sometimes I think we’re going to have to leave AZ like the ancient people did over 1000 years ago. Sigh. You may someday be saying to youngsters, “That was when Watson Lake used to have water in it.”


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