Founding Fathers

May 2015 –  Monticello home of Thomas Jefferson and Mount Vernon, home of George Washington

We made a spring trip to Virginia and Washington DC.  This is the founding fathers portion of the trip to Monticello and Mount Vernon.  Thomas Jefferson made his plantation home on a mountaintop with a view over the remaining 5000 acres of land.

Jefferson designed every aspect of the architecture at Monticello over a 40 year period.  Mount Vernon was the home of George Washington overlooking the Potomac River, a little south of Washington DC.  This is an elegant estate, grounds, farmland, gristmill, and distillery. The strange part in the lives of both Jefferson and Washington is that they both had hundreds of slaves.  The ideals of the Declaration of Independence that Jefferson authored, that “all men are created equal”, were unmet at that time.  We were not allowed to take photos inside the mansions, but were able to photograph inside the other buildings.  Both estates have extensive flower and vegetable gardens, as both men actively experimented with different plants.

Monticello web site

Mount Vernon web site

Please visit for more photos.




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