Patmos and Syros

Day 13 – Patmos and Syros

Patmos, Syros

Thursday, November 6, 2014

We sailed at night from Kusadasi to the Island of Patmos. Patmos is the island where St. John was exhiled and wrote the book of Revealation. We first traveled to the top of the highest hill to view the Monastery of St. John build in 1100 AD. The church, chapel, and museum were very beautiful in the Greek Orthodox style of paintings and icons, but we were not permitted to photograph them. The outside provided some good photo opportunities. The most important site was the Grotto of the Apocalypse where John wrote the book of Revelations to the seven churches. This was very small and again no photos were permitted. They have marked spots where John sat, slept, and the scribe sat to write. We then sailed for the island of Syros for an even ending visit.

Sunrise Patmos
Monastery of St. John
Fresco on outside of Monastery
Looking down from second floor
Bell tower at monasty
Grotto of the Apocalypse
Mosaic of St. John and scribe at grotto

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