Back Road to Crown King, AZ

Oct. 23, 2013

It was a glorious day for a road trip on the backroads through the Bradshaw Mountains of Arizona.  We started at Lake Pleasant and headed north, roughly paralleling I-17 but 30 miles further west.  We  drove past Castle Hot Springs and numerous foundations of old buildings connected with the mining days of the late 1800s.  At this time of year, in the dry washes, the cottonwood trees provide an occasional splash of color.  We took a slight detour to find the New Savoy Mine building which I had seen once before in a rain storm.  This time the lighting was difficult as it was already in the shadow of the mountains.  We continued on to Crown King and headed up to Lukes Hoist Divide to a look out point for sunset.  We were not disappointed as we were in an area of old burnt trees, boulders, and red grasses.  With the final rays of the sun the rocks and bushes lit up like they were on fire.  We were too late for dinner in Crown King and went to the Rock Springs Cafe.



2 thoughts on “Back Road to Crown King, AZ

  1. Charles,

    You sure do know how to capture the beauty of your state of Arizona. Absolutely gorgeous!! You have shown one does not have to leave the United States to find beauty and history. Thanks for sharing.



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